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 We are always looking for new Members and Sponsors. 

Our doors are always open if you want to make a difference.

Call: (520) 577-6990 for details.

Write: PeaceWalkTucson
P.O. Box 64309
Tucson, Arizona 85728-4309

or email us at:

Join us:

How You Can Help:

Before The Walk:
Come to a pot luck;
Join the planning committee;
Help with media, marketing &/or social networking;
Help bring in more students and promote the walk;
Become a sponsor &/or bring in more organizations such as your student club;
Help with getting more sponsors;
Invite your family/friends.

 Day of Walk:
Welcome & sign-in participants;
Guide along the route and rest stops;
Drive participants as needed;
Help with safety of all participants;
Food pick-up & delivery and setup;
Help with youth and other activities;
Introduce yourself to someone of a different faith or way;
Walk with someone you would never have met;
Join a Meditation, Prayer and/or Discussion Group;
Break bread and have dinner with the community.

Please contact Committee Organizers
if you are looking to Volunteer:

Ceremonies:                       Sat Bir Khalsa          (

Children's Activities:     Ann Yellot                 (

Communication:                Fran Braverman      (

Food:                                     Beth Horowitz         (

Peacekeepers:                  Richard Wahl            (

Public Relations:             Art Aldag                   (

Set Up and Clean Up:        Robert Shatz          (

Student Involvement:     Fran Braverman    (

Transportation:               Art Aldag                  (

Welcome:                             Carol S. Kestler     (
Donations:                            Richard Kestler    (

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